Sunday, June 23, 2013

18 :)


Hey I've been so long not update my blog. So yaa, I'm a lil bit busy with U life. Alhamdulillah i'll do my best in Foundation in Law. Pray for me to get 4 flat and muet band more than 4. Amin.

Main idea to post today is about my sweet 18. Hee. So here, I wanna thanks to all my friends and family yang wish, a big thank you again and again. Semoga doa doa anda buat diri ni di makbulkan oleh Allah swt.

I don't wanna to talk much, so guys wish me luck sayangggg :)  Meet uolls again when i've got free time. And pray for Malaysia, semoga masalah jerebu ini pulih. Amin.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Hanya Allah sahaja tahu perasaan sekarang ni,

Aku mungkis happy depan semua orang,

Tapi hati ni siapa tahu,

Mohon keampunan atas kata kata buat some of my friends terasa,

Sebenarnya semua atas kata hati,

Benar belaka takdo selindung,

Keep reading me on twitter during early morning,

I'll keep tweet that time,

Sharing what i feel,

And again sorry friends bcs not answering call replying text or skype,

I need space to accept that you all will leave me here in Malaysia.

Oh Allah, permudahkan segala urusanku,

Tabahkan hatiku untuk melangkah,

Akanku cuba sedaya upaya menerokai dunia yang tak pernah aku fikirkan,

Akan ku gapai kejayaan,

Walaupun dalam bidang yang jauh dari cita cita ku,

Tapi akan ku pastikan keturunanku memenuhi cita citaku itu,

Semoga hatiku tabah dan cekal,

Semoga berjaya dunia akhirat diriku.

Salam sayang Aisyah.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teachers day :)


Hi blogers and readers, serious talk I miss school. Since yesterday is the teachers day, so I write this entry special to all my unforgettable awesome teachers.Here I go I wanna throwback all the memories.


I'm just six years old little girl. Wearing blue baju kurung and blue black tudung. Kind of funny the firstday I was crying like crazy couse I don't wanna school. I still remmember my class teacher Cikgu Anim, she kindly said that school is fun. On that time school was just playing. Before I enter kindergarten, I've know ABC. There I khatam Muqadam and start Al-Quran, thanks to Cikgu Syarifah. Oh ya thanks to Cikgu Lin and Cikgu Kiah. I can't really remember all the names, but surely thanks to all Tadika Ghufran's teacher :)

Primary school,

Since I was seven until I twelve, school has left a lots of good and bad memories. My first years school is damn shit. crying non stop. I can remember all the teachers  names lah. Stndrt 1, 2, 3, 4 all the teachers was just okay. Then stndrt 5 there is very lovely teacher name Cikgu Mislia. She just to lovely. And Cikgu Sharmala the most scary teacher for me lah, English most hated subject. Haha. Then stndt 6, UPSR year all teachers has been sacrifice a lot but y'know I just can get 3A. Haha My BM teachers sweet Cikgu Fadhilah, my BI teachers scary  Cikgu Sharmala, my math teacher lovely Cikgu Sameha, my sc teacher Encik Mustapha , Kh teacher cikgu Hamidah, Ag teacher Cikgu Hasanah and my music teacher Er Yang Peng. So cool I still remember. But what ever it is thank you very much to all my teacher of Sekolah Kebangsaan Peserai :)

I learned how to write in Jawi, Bahasa Arab, Ibadah, Munakahat and everything. Shortly remember how much I hate Sekolah Agama. Tired. But Alhamdulillah I've finished until Darjah khas eventho I late a year. Alhamdulillah got Pangkat 1. Haha. I just remember a few name of my teacher, Cikgu Noraini, Cikgu Liza, Cikgu Zalina, Cikgu Zahra. I know I should called them ustazah but my bad habit I can't.  Haha weird me is weird. So big thanks to all the Sekolah agama Peserai's teachers.

Secondary school,

Lower form,

I can't really remember all the names, but i try to remember my form three teachers, PMR year. My form 1 until form 3 math teacher Puan Noreha. My bi awesome teacher Puan Nora. My Superb Sejarah teacher Puan Rohana. My Pi teacher cool Ustazah Aspalela. My handsome Sc teacher Encik Hairul Rijal. But i'm not really sure my BM and KH teacher. (Ingat ingat lupa , takut silap). But for surely, thanks to all my SMK Dato Onn teacher's. 

Upper form,

Two years going through the independent life. Becoming more and more matured. My form 4 years is great and my form 5 years, seniors years was you-cannot-explain-through-words. My Bm teachers form 4 and 5, En Rijal (BM1) and and Ummi Kalthom (BM2) . A lot of memories. Selalu kene cubit dan soal sebab ngantuk. My english teacher Brother Hafiz (Eng1) and Miss Hida (Eng2). But for form 5 hanya fully bro. Its awsome to have the motivation teacher ever in the world. Next, my math teacher Puan Hasimah for form5 and Puan Hasyimah for form4. Both are just sporting. My superbly sejarah teacher, Cik Rosminah. The most scary but surely if she did not do that I'll not get best result for Sejarah. My PI teacher for form4, always change but for form5 the only Ustzah Badariah my ummi. Addmath, Puan Fadzilah Thani for both year. The supporter teacher and I'm sorry if I'm not be your good AJK but I've try my best.  Biologi how much I love that subject and Puan Norhayati, chill teacher ever. Cikgu Shukor, I don't know and I think just too much sweet memories, I'll keep everything in my mind and all about chemistry. Fizik, killer subject for me, regret everything and sorry to Cikgu Tarmizi. But what ever it is I love all my teachers, y'know actually every extra class for SPM must be different teacher so I should just thanks to all the teachers in Samura.

Teachers, there is the day I really hate you. I don't wanna go to school because of the pugnacious teachers. It sound funny but its true.

Teachers, I am not a good student. You know I don't really like to obey all the rules. I'm not finishing my homeworks or just copying from friends.

Teachers, now I'm turning 18 and theres is no school. There is no teacher to give me advice, support me and many more.

Teachers, now I know and I realize how much I miss to become student. I'm sure all the memories make me more matured.

Teachers, I'm sorry for everything. Halalkan segala ilmu.

Teachers, thanks for everything.


Omaigod, I'm crying now watching brother Hafiz sing the meaningful song ever.

p/s : thanks to all the teacher who replied my msg. I know you'll not read this but who knows you'll find my blog and read this. Haha.And there are so many things happend in my life, I'll just going everything with smile. Doakan saya agar segala urusan berjalan lancar. Planing the future well.

love Aisyah

Monday, April 8, 2013

I failed to stop the tears.

Assalamualaikum dan alam sejahtera.

"Do you get any call for scholar?"

"Get any email from petronas or felda or bla bla?"

"Have you check the shortlisted?"

"Get any interview for scholar?"

Oh Allah what kind of questions huh? You wants me to down again or what? If you wants me to down. Yes you won it. Congrates !! I really dont get what you mean by all this quetions. Ive tried everyday to cheer up my day cause everything now is just my past. But i really dont get it. I know you got it all. Im happy for you. Im always pray the best for you. Congrates. I just don't know you wants me to get frustrated or you just doesn't mean to get me down or  you just wants me to fall so you can be happy now cause you won and im lost. huh? Tell me beb.

 And the answers for those question : I just get call to go for taklimat. Those swasta college call. Many kolej swasta yang konon tawaran biasiswa. A lot of letter that i turn it into pieces. Everyone who got perfect score might be just relax and chill and just waiting for offers. By the way congrates Shin and Afiqah for the Biasiswa Nasional. Proud of you both. Two from the only 50 people in Malaysia. You guys are awesome!

Successful people. I wish I'll be one of them. InsyaAllah my future children.

Oh Allah, aku serahkan semuanya kepadaMu. Aku hambaMu yang lemah. Tiada kekuatan untuk berdiri bangkit semula. Oh Allah, kenapa sukar yaa amat sukar bagiku. Ampunkan dosaku Ya Allah. Hanya kepadamu aku memohon. Amin.

Everyone talking about scholarship and offer. And i just can look on their joy faces. I shouldn't have this feeling right? I have to accept the fact and fate. Fact that im not the lucky person. Fate that Allah have planned everything for a reasons.

I keep waiting for any miracale happen to me. Someday a young pretty lady, wearing the pink dress with her magic wand in her hand. In just one spell and everything will change. How i wish that. To live in the fairytail world. Everything is magic.Or could i just be Fara in my spm english essay. The character i made it who then happily ever after with her prince charming who gives her a bag of jewellery, Huh but sadlife i'm just in my daydreaming. But one day ill go to my dreamworld. who knows right?

Bring me there, to the new world !! So i would worry free to think about my future and my past. Having some fun. Playing with fairy every secands. riding my price charming horse. Riding to the castle. Eating the best food with just one click. Oh my Allah. Aku ingin sekali merasai Syurgamu. Oh Allah ampunkan dosaku. Oh Allah dikaulah yang Maha Agung setiap kalam Mu adalah yang paling menenangkan jiwaku. Allahhuakbar.

Sorry for this emotion entry. I just need to express how i feel. I just need the strength. I need to getup. I need someone to share. Blog even good to share right? But the truth is i need someone to get me up and wipe all my tears away. Till then love Aisyah.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Go girl. XD

Assalamualikum dan salam sejahtera blogers.

Yesterday, 30 March 2013. Meaningful day ever. Thanks for the memories best friend ever. Alhamdulillah. Yaaa, can i repeat alhamdulillah lagi sekali? But this is for the new laptop. Thanks abah. This mean a lot for me bah. No, im not mean to let peple know that ive new laptop so ho-aah. No, not at all. It just i wanna share that the meaning of good family relationship. Even sometimes he just dont know how i feel but actually he did. Alhamdulillah. Cryingg.So I can post entry in my blog if i get free life :)

This just like a random entry actually. Relaxing and chill. Now everyone around my age were busy filling their upu right? So do i. Ive done fill the upu with my father. (again) We had a liltle discussion. Y'know my first ambition is to become a pharmacist. But Allah know the best for me. My Biology was likeee errr. Hihi. So then everthing were puzzling in my mind. I shouldn't apply if i don't have any interst in in right? huh.

Then at last i just apply. Ada asasi ada for diploma also. But now my hundred percent target to go asasi or matrik. Thats all. I do apply for scholarship. Some. But y'know there is a lot of straight As out there deserve it right? And who I'm? huh. People say "If we want something, we should go and get it before it late" Uolls know what i dream of right. I've post it before. I really wants to go egypt to continue my study. I've search so many ways. Hmm, but for the swasta was like RM43000 for a year. How to get sebanyak tu? Selling land? NO !! Ill not let my father do that. Duit simpanan ? Shouldn't fo my study.

I just print all the form. Not fill it yet. And will never fill it kot. Hm, but Malaysia also have great University right. But I really wanna go there. Could someone bring me there? Pleasee. Sobbbs. Why this happen to me? Whyyyy? Oh Allah ape perasaan ni. Hm, it is right if we got 4flat in asasi we can fly too? Huh. Hope so. How i wish i can study in A level or do foundation. Sobs.

But hey there, I'll not give up. Chin up Aisyah and belive you can do it. So guys just pray the best for me in everything. See you in my next entry.

With love
Aisyah :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Smile and the world will smile tou you too :)

Assalamualikum. Salam sejahtera dan salam sayang buat bloggers di luar sana :)

Hi sudah sekian lama tak post any entry kan, so lets start it with this SPM result issues. Atas permintaan seorang hamba Allah ini i mention jugak spm result i kat blog. hihi. Alhamdulillah. Tapi result tak perfect score pun like what im hoping but surely i bersyukur and i redha. Allah knows the best for me. Haha berapa banyak A i dapat? Hihi itu semua harus dirahsiakan. Past is past. Life must go on right?

Yaa, i mengaku memang im so down gle haritu, but when i think it back this is not the end of the world pun kan? so lets chill and have fun. I mmg jelous lah denagn yang straigts As tu. but like i said Allah tahu yang terbaik dan setakat yang kita usaha itulah yang kita dapt kan? So guys out there yang tak dapat perfect score tu just dont give up. Chin up and smile and be happy :)

Dear blogers, just to inform that eventho i tak one of 88 straights As dekat samura. but im proud to be Samurian. Sad but happy. Samura got three straight A+. A big congratulation to uolls. Aku tak tahu lah ape korang makan. Aku rasa abang DM tak bagi makan nasi lauk kismis. Haha. And congrates to those who got straight As in spm. and most importants congrates to my cerddiknight. you guys did the best.

Here im sorry to teachers and friends sebab i tak sempat nak cakap terima kasih. So here i wants to thanks to Puan Ummi yang dah ajar bahasa melayu sampai saya dapat A+, terima kasih brother Hafiz yang dah ajar bahasa inggeris dan maaf tak dapat bagi A+, terima kasih cik Rosminah yang dah ajar sejarah. Kalau cikgu tak cubit saya tak pukul manja tuh saya tak dapat A+ sejarah. Terima kasih ummi aka ustazah Badariah. Maaf saya takdapt bagi ummi A+ agama. Terima kasih Puan Hashimah yang ajar math mode dengan comel sehinnga saya dapat A+. Terima kasih Puan Fadilah Thani yang comel ajar add math dari tak lulus sampai A+. Terima kasih Puan Haryati yang mengajar bio namun saya tak dapat bagi A+. Terima kasih Encik Tarmizi yang mengajar saya fizik. Daripada tak lulus sampai alhamdulillah tapi saya mohon maaf tad dapat bagi A+. And last but not least En Shukor. Award class paling banyak. Terima kasih cikgu dan maaf tak dapat bagi A+.

Macam cikgu baca je blog saya kan :) Hee. Again terima kasih segalanya atas perngorbanan cikgu yang tak terkira. Mohon maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. I LOVE YOU GUYS !
Then, I wanna thanks to all my fasi and friends tak kiralah my classmate or sesiapa sahaja yang telah mengajar saya. Congrates and I love you alls. Terima kasih dah share banyak web scholar kat wall batch. Good luck in everything sahabat Penebus Maruah :)

Samura maruahmu sudah ditebus. Batch 29 merangkap batch penebus maruah telah menaikan kembali nama samura. Mendapat ranking ke 13 dalam Malaysia dan ke 8 dalam sbp. Tahniah PM :) Semoga namamu terus terjulang Samura.

Oh my star im start to cry. So, blog i should stop here and move on my life. Jauh lagi perjalanan yang harus di tempuh. Doakan yang terbaik ye untuk saya menempuh masa hadapan dan jalan yang penuh berliku. I Love you alls. Muahhhh xoxo

Salam sayang,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Khas untuk diriku, dirimu dan anda semua.

Assalamualaikum. Hi, i've been busy for a few days. So i wanna ask uolss pray for me this thursday, so i can make mynparents proud. InsyaAllah Allah tahu yang terbaik. Oh Allah semoga Aisyah binti Ahmad mendaoat 9A+, keputusan yang cemerlang dan diredhai. Amin !

So, todays entry a lil bit different. When the heart can just say, its just so.. Y'know how its feel like right. Sometimes when heart can speak it more even more and more louder than anything. I dont know it was true or not.

Ya Allah , kalau dia untukku, Kau jagakanlah dia.
Sampaikanlah rinduku buat dia kerana aku tahu ,
Engkau yg paling hampir dengan hatinya

Hati terasa sedih bila tetiba ada orang tuduh kita
bukan bukan tanpa tahu cerita yang sebenar.
Sabar ye wahai hati. Anggap itu ujian Allah

Wahai diri, Jangan pernah berasa keseorangan
kerana Allah ada. Wahai hati, Jangan terlalu
bersedih kerana Allah ada. Allah sntiasa bersama

Bila pendam sesuatu perasaan, Kekadang hati
rasa gelisah. Bila dah luahkan suatu perasaan,
Kekadang hati rasa menyesal. Itulah hakikatnya

Ya Allah, andainya dia jodohku yang tertulis di
Luh Mahfuz . Engkau pasti akan menanamkan rasa
kasih dan sayang dalam hatiku juga hatinya

kalau sebelum kahwin dah macam-macam rahsia
dapat tahu dari pasangan. Mana "kemanisan"
yang tinggal lepas kahwin ?

Kematangan seseorang tidak terletak pada
umurnya, tetapi pada pemikiran, perbuatan dan
percakapannya .

Tidak sanggup membenci kerna Rasulullah tidak
mendidik umatnya utk saling benci membenci ,
Bersabarlah duhai hati kecil ku :')

Kalau romantik tetapi tidak beriman, tidak taat
akan perintah Allah , masih belum layak buat
calon suami .

Bersabarlah duhai hati , ada hikmah di balik
semua yang terjadi ini

Aku bukan insan sempurna. Mustahil aku tak
pernah buat dosa. Tapi bukan bermakna aku
jahat. Kenalilah aku sebelum menilai diri aku :)

Lelaki yang setia hanya menyimpan satu nama
perempuan di dalam hatinya, walaupun dia sedar
masih ramai yang lebih cantik dari buah hatinya

Ya Allah, izinkan aku jatuh cinta pada orang yang
tepat, di waktu yang tepat. Kerana hatiku cuma
satu, hanya kepada dia yang halal buatku

You just knowing me for this few years and im just 18! I hate this feeling ! If i can fly you away, i must have done it an hour ago. So can i just pretending it wouldnt happen? And i think i just should not give you any big hope. For any words you say it to me, can i just prentending that you are not really want to speak it? And then we can live happily ever after as a friend and a very good friend without any sins in every words we story about. Oh Allah forgive me.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moms forever :)

Happy 55th birthday mak. Mak suka lah kan abah belanja kek :) 

Anakmu yang perasan comel, Aisyah xx.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sesi Perkongsian Maklumat Pengajian Perubatan, Pergigian & Farmasi di MESIR Pengambilan 2013

Assalamualikum and hi everyone.

Again, uolls i update blog harini sebab this Lanjutan-Pengajian-Lepasan-SPM-ke-EGYPT. okay uolss can just click on that link. I just found it. And was like oh my star. I really want to go. But seriusly i've to go tu puncak alam on tht date. Gosh, damn it. Please it was my dream to go egypt. Mak abah pleaseeeee. 

You guys know what.

 Sesi Taklimat Ini Merangkumi 10 Perkara:

1. Biasiswa
2. Pinjaman
3. Kos Sara Hidup
4. Budaya dan Cara Hidup di Luar Negara
5. Peluang Melanjutkan Pengajian Perubatan, Pergigian dan Farmasi Dalam Negara
6. Sesi Bersama Dr. Hannah - Graduan Sulung Kami
7. Dan BANYAK lagi!
8. Buku Rujukan Perubatan (E-Book) PERCUMA menanti Anda!
9. Vaucher Pembelian Buku bernilai RM 200.00
10. Hadiah Istimewa

Oh Ya Allah. So anyone that free masa tuh just try it out babes. Peluang :) Here the details :

Kami Adalah Konsultan Pendidikan Yang Terulung Di Malaysia Akan Memberikan Sesi Penerangan Maklumat Penting (PERCUMA) Sebagai Persediaan Kepada Ibubapa dan Pelajar Yang Mengimpikan Peluang Untuk Menyambung Pelajaran di Luar Negara Dalam Bidang Perubatan, Pergigian dan Farmasi Bagi Pengambilan 2013.

bubapa dan Pelajar Diwajibkan HADIR!

Untuk Pengesahan Kehadiran, Sila Call/SMS: 

En. Mohammad Anwar Bin Shamsudin 
            019 727 2362       /            019 238 1097      .

Untuk Memudahkan Urusan... Pelajar-pelajar diminta untuk membawa:

1. Salinan IC
2. Salinan SPM/Trial

Sesiapa yang ingin maklumat lanjut mengenai peluang ini, sila INBOX admin dengan memberikan butir2 berikut: (kat facebook mereka : link kat atas warna merah )






Saturday 2 march 9am until 1pm

Kolej Keris Mas UKM
Bangi, Malaysia

Semua ni i copy dari events kat facebook tuh. So friends anyone yang teringin tuh jangan lepaskan peluang.
 I wish it was on Johor. Till then. Love Aisyah xx.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A big congratulations !

Selamat menempuh alam perkahwinan brother :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who i'm in the next 20 years?


Well hi everyone. I'm just okay today. watching movies non stop. Ahakkkks. New hobby. So today when i skype with one of my friend, we just chat about future. Y'know since our spm results is coming soon, we both so scared and yeahhh i just don't know where to continue my study. I know all of that depends on our result but since we had to fill upu kan? Arghhh.

My ambition? Goshh, i've a lot. ihikkkks. Gediks puloks. Firsly i wanna be

 Pharmacist. Hehhe. I love buat ubat. But my sis already on her way to become pharmacist. But i dont know lahhh. Oh my starrr, so cool becoming pharmacist. After 5 years work in govermen then i'll open my own pharmacy. Oh my dream. Amin, guys pray for me okay. Hihi. Next i wanna become

Geologist petroleum. Ahaksss, i minat since alumni samura cerita about this job. That was just so great. Mencabar. Hee. Next, i wanna be

 Dentist. Yeahhh, so cool. Since i adore gile with the job. Just relax and calm. Hihi. Then i'll open my own clinic. Oh Aisyah Clinic. Amin. Next

The tesl teacher. hihi. I love english. Just okayy. I'm not interest masuk maktab lahh kihkih. Y'know tesl can go overseas kan? haha. Become pensyarah pun okay jugak. It just so so laa. Hii. My parents dream actually. But tesl is awesome what. Or add math teacher olso great. Amin. Next, i wanna be

Actuary. Auchhh everything is about money and math. The salary? $$ wuhuuu :) But i tengok abang i belajar, fuhhhh. mcm susah jek --" 

Photography. Hee. My hobby and ambition. Combining it togather must be great. Or can it just be my part time job maybe? Amin So i can take picture for anything. Maybe for the asia next top model. Or i'll be the model just like Jesica the winner for the first ever asia next top model. I follow tau. Hahaha

Amin. Next is

I'll open my own shop. Couse i love shoping lagi lagi kat cotton on. Hihi. I can be any stokis for anything. Hehe. InsyaAllah. Bisness oh bisness :)

For both engineer or architect yang dok bina bangunan peliks peliks nih which is i tak minat. Also lawyer. haha. But if takdir Allah i'll be one of it. I redha. Tapi kalau boleh tidak lah. Hee Tapi kalau dapat govermen ke swasta yang tade dalam minat ni, pun boleh. Jadi DO pun boleh. Hee

Jadi suri rumah pun okay jugak. Hee. Maybe suri rumah yang ada part time job ke kan? 

Takpun jadi seorang isteri yang mithali pun dah cukup. InsyaAllah. Amin. So what ever it is everything semua Allah dah tentukan. We can just pray. 

"Ya Allah, aku seorang hamba yang lemah engkaulah yang Maha Agung. Aku bermohon kepadaMu semoga aku mendapat keputusan 9A+, keputusan yang cemerlang dan di redhai pada keputusan spm tidak lama lagi. Kau bagilah kejayaan kepadaku serta rakan seperjuanganku. Aku cuma hambamu yang lemah yang hanya ingin membalas jasa kedua ibu bapa aku. Ya Rahman, berserta itu jadikanlah aku anak yang solehah. Ya Allah perkenankanlah permintaan hamba mu ini. Amin"

Love Aisyah c: 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

lyrics, me and you.

Pernahkah kau merasa jarak antara kita
Kini semakin terasa setelah kau kenal dia

Aku tiada percaya teganya kau putuskan
Indahnya cinta kita yang tak ingin ku akhiri
Kau pergi tinggalkanku

Tak pernahkah kau sadari akulah yang kau sakiti
Engkau pergi dengan janjimu yang telah kau ingkari

Oh tuhan tolonglah aku hapuskan rasa cintaku
Aku pun ingin bahagia walau tak bersama dia

Memang takkan mudah bagiku tuk lupakan segalanya
Aku pergi untuk dia

Tak pernahkah kau sadari akulah yang kau sakiti
Engkau pergi dengan janjimu yang telah kau ingkari

Oh tuhan tolonglah aku hapuskan rasa cintaku
Aku pun ingin bahagia walau tak bersama dia
(walau tak bersama dia)

Oh tuhan tolonglah aku hapuskan rasa cintaku
Aku pun ingin bahagia walau tak bersama dia

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fall in love :)

Hello Kitty just too cute and thank you :) Love Aisyah.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ketagihan terhadap Instax.

Assalamualaikum. Hi my lovely friends. I'm feeling just fine today. I'm still have not get my lunch yet eventho its 6 pm already. Sobs. I'm not in diet, it just my kurang hasam kucing curi i punya ikan untuk lunch. So, tadak lauk dah. Huaaa. Its okayyyy, spent time wiith movie boleh hilang lapar :)

Looks, i gantung my instax picture. Comel jek kan. Nanti i would like to make instax wall lahh. I was too addict to instax. I was seacrh for any blog who write about instax. Haha. I know about instax from my friend. Lepastuh mengada ngada pujuk abah belikan satu. Hehe. Beli secara terburu buru menyebabkan i a lil bit menyesal. Kalau servey lebih lama sikit about instax nih mesti i can get yang power sikit ahaksss.

Instax have a lot of models. Like 7s, 8, 50s, mini 25, 210 and so on. All of them just too cute. Auchhhh. I love accessories damn much. Sobssss, Bah can I have all of them. Pleassssssee.

Oh my starrrrr, Can i have the bag. Instax i selalu tumpang dalam bag DSLR jek. Haha

 Comelnya. Nak hadiah nih untuk my birthdayy bolehhhh?

Film instax nih pun ada banyak size and corak. Oh i just can't stand it. Like want to buy all of it. I wish i have a lot of moneyyy.

Some people said its just membazir duit jek. But heyyy i punya minat so like i care. I really love taking picture. Photography is my thing okay. So shutup babes. Haha. Since i ada instax, olmost dah 10 boxes of film i beli. So i tak tahu nak simpan mana dah film film tuh. So bahhhh could you buy me the albums for my instax. Gediksss. Dua pun cukup lahhh :)

One more things i love instax, size film 7s nih sesuai untuk my purse :) So i took picture and i can put it on my purse. Iolls juga boleh tukar gambar gambar yang suka like gambar kengkawan yang saya suka ataupun buah hati saya. Heehhhheee.

Haaa, my hand bag lusuh saya nih selalu berat. Mana daknye iolls ke hulu hilir bawak instax i nih serta keperluar yang lain. Hihi. 


maaf curi gambar nih semua dari blog orang. Hihi
Love Aisyah.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kembali ke sekolah XD

Assalamualaikum :)

Carilah I ?

Hi blogers. Actually mata dah kabur kabur kusam jek nih. Sepet macam Min Ho entah ape entah nama korea tuh. Tak minat sangat pun. Haha. Tengok jam pun dah tak nampak. Nak tekan tekan huruf nih pun samar samar jek. Hahhaaa. Inilah sintom sintom mengantuk. Tapi still degil nak post jugak. Weheeeewwww. Sebab iolls punya tahap rindu dah sampah phD level. Cewahhh. Cita cita tuh. Ahaks. I just damn miss SAMURA.

Menangis menghaum nak balik samura. Lagi lagi laa nih nghamai yang melawat samura. Nak ikutttttttttt tapi busyyyyyyyyyyy lahhhh. Almaklumlah ramai jugak yang join EIT. Tapi gua ni english tahap tadika jek. Melayu tulen lah katekan. Berangan nak join EIT tapi masa sekolah duk lari tingkat tiga tengok jek dalam dewan alumni buat program. Haktuihhh, pigidaaaa. Haha.

Tadi i was dig out my old album dalam laptop nih jek, naaa waa jumpa gamba lama lama duluwwwww. Tapi sikit jek. Banyak kat computer kat belakng tuh. Tapi computer tuh macam kura kura lahh. Hewhew. So banyak pic niewwww tak tahu masa bilaaa. Just enjoyy watching :)

Ni time form4 kot. Dah last dayy ahhhh cenggitu. From left Shafiqah, Izzati, Ain, Gemok, Rock aka Zul, Nik, Dibah. Classmate forever :)

Bersama Pak Din , penyanyi ghazalll. Budak azzam tuhh. Kewkewkew. pak din cool. Ni pun time form 4

Dua bawah ni pun form 4 jugak.

with kakak kakak. muka ikhlas nih. haha. 

zapin time. gua orang kuat makeup ni. opssss. muka mcky tak bole blahhhh. rinduu doh zapin. boleh kurus tau.

ni masa iolls masuk pertandigan bowling. i sorang jek frm5 time nih. lama tinggalkan class tau. iskhh. i wish to have all the ball i only can own satu jek. :(

bawah bawah nih semua masa pengatarabnagsaan kat jogja. cool gila. best memories ever :)

pengetua yang awesome gila. comel pulak tuh.

dua atas nih bila sekolah lain datang. macam macam sekolah. macam macam ragam...

time drama english hari rabu. cerdiknight forever.

before spm nih. Kiteorang spent time lama gila. I just mis uollls maknoks. koranglah awesome bff yeahhh.
Banyak kenangan kita bersama. Banyak sangat. I just cant write here. Samura mengajar erti persahabatan. Jangan lost contact yeahhhh. Sad.

Koka and Abe uolss just too cute lahhh. Rindunyaa jenaka korang. Muka Abe takyah nak buat comel sangat lah kan. Hewhewhew. 

Main hujan. Gila gila. Ni break spm nih. Spm tak habis lagi. Rinduuuu

The girls yang comel. Terima kasih segalanya sahabat.

Lihatlah gua sangat selebet. HAHA. Go Johor. Ni masa tunggu kembara mahkota. Buku tetap depan mata uolls. Nih sebab tengah exam ape ntahhh tapi harituh exm batal sebab kena lambai lambai. Haha. with ayie. KT rawksss.

 Booksssssss Hahaha.

Ni time bukak puasa kat hotel gitu samura kaya. Haha. Sedap gilaaa. Tapauuu lagi tau. Ada jugak bukak pusa kat Sabak Aur untuk pemenang pemenang samura. Tak tahu mana gambar tuh. Hihi. Samura mengenyangkan. Rindu masakan DM. Sarapan, lunch, petang, malam, supper. Oh goshhh rindu suasana tau. Berebut rebut gitu. Line up panjang. Haha. Lagi lagi bile spm setiap minum petang KFC lah Mcd lahh Pizza lahhh Mabeles.
Cerdiknight. Muka I hodoh sebab kene rumble nih. Masa form4. Besttttt gila. Ada kek and pizza lagi. Yang lain tuh edit2 sahaja. Copy from cerdiknight grouppp.

Fuhhhh penat i tekan tekan nih. Haha. Mata pun dah tak mengantuk takk. O mai rinduuu sangat sangat. Tak tahu ape perkataan lagi. Terlalu banyak memories dan pic. Tapi iolls tak cerita and upload laa kat sini. Kalau tulis semua amboi semput maknoks. Banyak sangat event dari form4 sampai form5. Macam macam ada artist dalam negeri lah luar negeri lah. sicsef lagi lahhh, mtk, mrs lahhh. belum program akedemik lagi belaja kat  hotel la macam macam . Haishhhhhh. Banyakkk. 

Banyak pic kat sini pun part dengan classmate bulumzzzz dorm lagi. Tapi do't worry semuanya tersemat rapi dalam kepala hotak. Cuma laaa ni i rinduu cerdiknightt. Oh yaaa sebab one of cerdiknight tengah eksiden tuh. Doakan dia cepat sembuh tau kengkawan. Kitaorang sayang dia. Wasabi cepat sembuh tau sastera boyyy. I miss you :( Even lu setahun jek kat samura you're part of cerdiknight family tau.

Here my form5 classmatee. Banyak kenangan manis dan pahit. I miss uolls. 

Dari kiri :

 Atas : Shakira (P. Kak Na), Faihaa, Gemok, Hajarock, Ai_nara, Odahhh, Izzati, Yanaa
2nd line : Nuryn, Fifi, Nina, Rayzoe, Kiki, Shafiqqqaaah, Dibahh, Najla, Shieraaa, Haniss
Duduk : Koka, Abe, Umarrr, Moquee, Nik, Cikgu Fadzilahhh, Ayiee, Rock, Dasuki, Syukriii.

Sepatutunya ada dua class teacher. Tapi brother hafiz masanih kat korea for program pengantarabangsaan. Rindunyaaaaaaaa. Nanti i nak buat seloka ke lagu ke untuk korang lahhhh. 

Sebelum tuh enjoy video samuara batch i 29tyfive dekat you tube. Banyak lagiii search jek kat you tube

Okaylahhhhhh I nak tatap majalah sekolah jap. Hahaha. Nanti buat entry lagi pasal SAMURA. Pasal dorm banyak banyak pulokss kay. I banyak dorm tapi Hahaha. Almaklumlah suka merayau malam malam kat dorm orang. Hewhewhew. See uolls in my next entryyy. Bye. XD

Love Aisyah.