Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teachers day :)


Hi blogers and readers, serious talk I miss school. Since yesterday is the teachers day, so I write this entry special to all my unforgettable awesome teachers.Here I go I wanna throwback all the memories.


I'm just six years old little girl. Wearing blue baju kurung and blue black tudung. Kind of funny the firstday I was crying like crazy couse I don't wanna school. I still remmember my class teacher Cikgu Anim, she kindly said that school is fun. On that time school was just playing. Before I enter kindergarten, I've know ABC. There I khatam Muqadam and start Al-Quran, thanks to Cikgu Syarifah. Oh ya thanks to Cikgu Lin and Cikgu Kiah. I can't really remember all the names, but surely thanks to all Tadika Ghufran's teacher :)

Primary school,

Since I was seven until I twelve, school has left a lots of good and bad memories. My first years school is damn shit. crying non stop. I can remember all the teachers  names lah. Stndrt 1, 2, 3, 4 all the teachers was just okay. Then stndrt 5 there is very lovely teacher name Cikgu Mislia. She just to lovely. And Cikgu Sharmala the most scary teacher for me lah, English most hated subject. Haha. Then stndt 6, UPSR year all teachers has been sacrifice a lot but y'know I just can get 3A. Haha My BM teachers sweet Cikgu Fadhilah, my BI teachers scary  Cikgu Sharmala, my math teacher lovely Cikgu Sameha, my sc teacher Encik Mustapha , Kh teacher cikgu Hamidah, Ag teacher Cikgu Hasanah and my music teacher Er Yang Peng. So cool I still remember. But what ever it is thank you very much to all my teacher of Sekolah Kebangsaan Peserai :)

I learned how to write in Jawi, Bahasa Arab, Ibadah, Munakahat and everything. Shortly remember how much I hate Sekolah Agama. Tired. But Alhamdulillah I've finished until Darjah khas eventho I late a year. Alhamdulillah got Pangkat 1. Haha. I just remember a few name of my teacher, Cikgu Noraini, Cikgu Liza, Cikgu Zalina, Cikgu Zahra. I know I should called them ustazah but my bad habit I can't.  Haha weird me is weird. So big thanks to all the Sekolah agama Peserai's teachers.

Secondary school,

Lower form,

I can't really remember all the names, but i try to remember my form three teachers, PMR year. My form 1 until form 3 math teacher Puan Noreha. My bi awesome teacher Puan Nora. My Superb Sejarah teacher Puan Rohana. My Pi teacher cool Ustazah Aspalela. My handsome Sc teacher Encik Hairul Rijal. But i'm not really sure my BM and KH teacher. (Ingat ingat lupa , takut silap). But for surely, thanks to all my SMK Dato Onn teacher's. 

Upper form,

Two years going through the independent life. Becoming more and more matured. My form 4 years is great and my form 5 years, seniors years was you-cannot-explain-through-words. My Bm teachers form 4 and 5, En Rijal (BM1) and and Ummi Kalthom (BM2) . A lot of memories. Selalu kene cubit dan soal sebab ngantuk. My english teacher Brother Hafiz (Eng1) and Miss Hida (Eng2). But for form 5 hanya fully bro. Its awsome to have the motivation teacher ever in the world. Next, my math teacher Puan Hasimah for form5 and Puan Hasyimah for form4. Both are just sporting. My superbly sejarah teacher, Cik Rosminah. The most scary but surely if she did not do that I'll not get best result for Sejarah. My PI teacher for form4, always change but for form5 the only Ustzah Badariah my ummi. Addmath, Puan Fadzilah Thani for both year. The supporter teacher and I'm sorry if I'm not be your good AJK but I've try my best.  Biologi how much I love that subject and Puan Norhayati, chill teacher ever. Cikgu Shukor, I don't know and I think just too much sweet memories, I'll keep everything in my mind and all about chemistry. Fizik, killer subject for me, regret everything and sorry to Cikgu Tarmizi. But what ever it is I love all my teachers, y'know actually every extra class for SPM must be different teacher so I should just thanks to all the teachers in Samura.

Teachers, there is the day I really hate you. I don't wanna go to school because of the pugnacious teachers. It sound funny but its true.

Teachers, I am not a good student. You know I don't really like to obey all the rules. I'm not finishing my homeworks or just copying from friends.

Teachers, now I'm turning 18 and theres is no school. There is no teacher to give me advice, support me and many more.

Teachers, now I know and I realize how much I miss to become student. I'm sure all the memories make me more matured.

Teachers, I'm sorry for everything. Halalkan segala ilmu.

Teachers, thanks for everything.


Omaigod, I'm crying now watching brother Hafiz sing the meaningful song ever.

p/s : thanks to all the teacher who replied my msg. I know you'll not read this but who knows you'll find my blog and read this. Haha.And there are so many things happend in my life, I'll just going everything with smile. Doakan saya agar segala urusan berjalan lancar. Planing the future well.

love Aisyah

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