Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hee ;)

yeah , i rawk with my neww outfit ;)

i really hope , one day i'll play guitar

i noe , i'm not hot like youu , but please don't make me feel so down :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

tiring day

'bangun pagi dan dunia here i come'

hahaha.i love tht iklan sgt2.i dont really noe why.wht i'm gonna to story right nw ?lets strt with friday yg lalu..i went schl alone becoz zara is demam laaa.eh eh , baik laa cpt ye.oke , kat schl like usual bored."fatimah tadtg nape ?"grr , i do hate tht question.tp tp , i had to answer it laa babe.time rest fridayari tuh busan gilee.then , dah laa rehat dua org jee.najiha dah laa segan2 mcm tuh sbb entah laaa dye.ada admired dye.grr..next , time balik arituh.aaa tlg tlg !tanak balik sorg2then terpakse jln la jugak.hahaha.nape ea takut balik sorg ? weird ")that evening i ym ngn haziq and lukman.hahaha..lukman opened his webcam and i saw him.idk why i'm going to laugh and laugh when i saw him.hahahha ym ngn haziq like usual jee.but best laa jugak.^__^.

oke2 , saturday coming.ahhh , 'darjah khas' !! tasuke tasuke.but but , i just go.blaja masuk telinga kanan kluar telinge kiri.melekat dua tiga jee.hahaha whn i met my fren in darjah khas , mcm2 story kluar.hahaha.gosip gosipthen , petang tuh.going summit with my sista and lilis .oke , i told youu mmg tabest.they all story about sbp and sbp.hahaha..ape best sekolah tu ?hahaha.then , terserempak ngn syairazi.why he looking at me like tht haa ?like want toeat me jee ;)i just ignore him.like tapenah nampak.hahaha..

yup , i noe my post such a boring.noting interest at all.hahaha.but oke laa.i was new here.so , i try to improve more.i do love sharing story with other.but , i can't elobarate it.hahayaa , i think i should stop here.and i'll post more next time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm here

hello bloger :)
i'm new here.i just learnt hw to use this ,
and thanx foe teaching me.now , i'm going to explore about this more
so , i can make it coulorfull with story