Tuesday, January 24, 2017

22 and should I be scared for not having a boyfriend?

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera everyone!
Well as usual im waiting for semester break for updating my blog. Hehe so here im on my semester break (read as internship) yeahhhhhhh im on internship right now. Hahaha im posting this entry during my internship at the office cause I don’t have any work to do and my boss is away so I think it is okay (kot?) But what ever I dah sapu sampah pagi tadi and all task given dah siap pun. Hahahah And oh ya I forget to tell you gais that this is my second day of intern and I dah naik kepala (kot?) hehe. So im going to intern here for about two months from 23 January till 17 march, well hoping that it will going smoothly.
So basically im here in my blog not going to just tell about progression in my life (?) hehe Back to the point “andartu” thingy. So as you guys might counting my age, im now turning 22 (im feeling twenty two-taylorswift) in 2017. Oh wait, I forget once again to wish happy new year! Happy 2017! Hope its not too late kan (?) Well andartu, the words that scared every little single women in this world!! Which is that including me! Yeahhh me.
As my previous post, ive mention Amir my secret crush, but then few months back I found out that he now already had a girlfriend which is my friend. So what a life, moved on. As the process of moved on, I met another little charming prince, Ammar. Its so funny, when actually he was my senior and one of my friend’s boyfriend’s friend. Get me? So from there I know him better, hm not better but I know him more and turns out jeng jeng jeng, he had already a girlfriend too. Blah blah blah. And now he is graduating degree oledy nahh so moved on again.
Its freaking 2017 and im freaking 22!! Im so fucking scared that I get no one to marry. Like all my close friend already have a boyfriend, my high school friend already have tunang and husband. Like TF?! I beign just potato here. I don’t know I can’t imagine like im gonna be andartu in future. I know some might have in mind that yow its only 22, just enjoy the life bruh! You still you go achieve your goals! Belaja sampai tinggi langit baru kahwin! Jadi kaya dulu baru kahwin! Humph, I don’t know why I felt like this. Hormone and environment? (Kot?)
But when thinking of building a family, that much actually make me scared too. Yaa, its like you gotta have a lot more responsibility to carry. Your husdband and housework thingy. And plus if you ada rezeki awal, might have a child. Like whatttt ? ( meme face ) So I just don’t know. I might not 100 percent ready, but at certain point, I just want to hold all that responsible like hey responsible come to me! Show yourself I can handle it lah! Hahaha i am confusion as heck, am i? I just wanna feel needed. Going back home or class, there will be someone cares on me. Macam tanya u dah makan? u nak i teman makan tak? u sihat? Hows your day? Its everything alright? and I really want someone to laugh at my joke, listen to all my story or just even I want to hear someone story too that prove im needed by someone. u feel?
Its just so hard. So damn f hard. Ive come across to this quote whereby we shouldn’t have to find. “Stop find, improve yourself. When the time comes, he will come without you searching” Nah now im not like mcm search kat web cari jodoh ke apa but still he is not here! Not even have on my contact list!  I am scared freaking scared! Ada kat sini yg sudi jadi teman? Hahah dapat teman makan je pun jadilah sbb all my friend tak suka mkn and im that person yg suka makan. Sampai kadang kadang dr Seremban pergi Nilai untuk cari ice cream je, sbb ice cream di Nilai lebih bernilai! Adiozza!