Sunday, March 31, 2013

Go girl. XD

Assalamualikum dan salam sejahtera blogers.

Yesterday, 30 March 2013. Meaningful day ever. Thanks for the memories best friend ever. Alhamdulillah. Yaaa, can i repeat alhamdulillah lagi sekali? But this is for the new laptop. Thanks abah. This mean a lot for me bah. No, im not mean to let peple know that ive new laptop so ho-aah. No, not at all. It just i wanna share that the meaning of good family relationship. Even sometimes he just dont know how i feel but actually he did. Alhamdulillah. Cryingg.So I can post entry in my blog if i get free life :)

This just like a random entry actually. Relaxing and chill. Now everyone around my age were busy filling their upu right? So do i. Ive done fill the upu with my father. (again) We had a liltle discussion. Y'know my first ambition is to become a pharmacist. But Allah know the best for me. My Biology was likeee errr. Hihi. So then everthing were puzzling in my mind. I shouldn't apply if i don't have any interst in in right? huh.

Then at last i just apply. Ada asasi ada for diploma also. But now my hundred percent target to go asasi or matrik. Thats all. I do apply for scholarship. Some. But y'know there is a lot of straight As out there deserve it right? And who I'm? huh. People say "If we want something, we should go and get it before it late" Uolls know what i dream of right. I've post it before. I really wants to go egypt to continue my study. I've search so many ways. Hmm, but for the swasta was like RM43000 for a year. How to get sebanyak tu? Selling land? NO !! Ill not let my father do that. Duit simpanan ? Shouldn't fo my study.

I just print all the form. Not fill it yet. And will never fill it kot. Hm, but Malaysia also have great University right. But I really wanna go there. Could someone bring me there? Pleasee. Sobbbs. Why this happen to me? Whyyyy? Oh Allah ape perasaan ni. Hm, it is right if we got 4flat in asasi we can fly too? Huh. Hope so. How i wish i can study in A level or do foundation. Sobs.

But hey there, I'll not give up. Chin up Aisyah and belive you can do it. So guys just pray the best for me in everything. See you in my next entry.

With love
Aisyah :)


Haus of Rozaimy said...

Congratulations on your results
What kind of laptop you got?

Aisyah Ahmad said...

Rozaimy is that you? Welcome. Congrates to you too beb. Haha laptop biasa jelah. Nice blog btw.