Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

                        I know the title is sound so cheezzzzyyyy. And yes still i want to write about it. I dont  know but what i know is that I should just write before every single idea in my mind fade away. I also know that nobody would read my blog yaa since nobody like blogging nowadays they have twitter, instagram, snapchat and what so ever ( hey dont forget to folllow me @echahmd xoxo ) But i dont care, i still like blogging. Is something that i can make a longgggggg essayyy to express, share and what so ever my thought and feelings. Because you know i love to write, i wrote lots of things and i have lots of notes book in my house that full of the craps. Hee

                     So yaa back to the topic. What makes me write about this topic is that there is an article in facebook that pop up in my timeline that basically about the love towads father, which when his daugther is getting maried and blah blah blah. You know all the sad-craps-things during akad nikah. As far as i concern emmm not concern as far as i identify ( whatever words lah )  that love is devided to three. Love toward the Creator, human and other Makhluk.

                So may I focus on love to human? yup i think yup im gonna focus to human. Dear my beloved people who ever read this entry, actually not everything i share to public, only the things that i choose to share. So dont get me wrong what story that i'm gonna tell you guys. Actually few days ago, i got huge fight with my father. It was really huge. And i dont know how it became so big fight. I'm not a good daughter and i knew that. I do always make both my parents sad. Make them regret to have me. And now I dont know how to fix everything. Is not like we are not talking, what i realize today evrythings is different. We are not like usual we are. I don't know who to talk to. Siblings? Friends? I'm confius but it seem like blog can make me feel better kot? 

               I love my father. Who dont love their father right? I hope its just my feelings and i hope what happen a few day ago never happen!!!  i hope its just a dream. I'm such a jerk! I just wants everythings back to normal! I always dissapointed him. Spm result, university course and what next? Might be lots others things. I'm such a loser! 

                Hm, guys and including future myself, a really important reminder don't ever make mistake regarding family's love especially your parents love! Your father loves is everything. He taking good care of you guys since you were born! And love them as much and even more than your father or even mother loves you! Pray for them like every single day in you solat! Remember all the good things he done to you before you go beyond the limits as a child! As you getting old, your parents getting older! Love them! Think before you speak because terlajak perahu boleh di undur terlajak kata badan binasa!

                Last word, love everyone and even love yourself! Love is a good things. Share the love and spread the love! 

I love you guuys so much! I'm sorry for what happen! I love both of you!