Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Say Hi 2013 (:


Hi blogers and friends. Ohmystar it was 2nd January 2013 and f'sure i've already late to wish right? But do I care. Happy New Year uolls. Havva blast year yeahh. Soryyyy, I've been a lil bit busy-as-bee. HAHA. Oh dear diary, i dunno what to say but surely I love 2012. Fact. I've a lot of sweet memories jyeah. Even i dont write a lot in my blogg for 2012, but 2012 i awarded you as the awesome year ever :)

Senior year was the greatest year ever. Note to my diary. Should i repeat it? Hee. I try to list out the best moment but heyyy it need a few month to finish type here. HAHA. Dont worry i'll keep 'em in my mind. Azam tahun baru? Oh yeaaahhhh. I wanna do this that and averything this year. Hopefully dengan izin Allah my spm result will be repeat the historyy. Amin 9A+ Amin.

The new year had come. And a few of my friend busy with plkn preparation. So guys, good luckkkk. KAMI WIRA WIRAWATI NEGARA. Hahaha, jangan marah haa. And a good luck to a few friends who got the fast trek in UTP and pra-dip and so on. Studyyy hard okay. And me, doin' what huh? Dok habiskan beras kat dapur jek :) PEACE. 

Ohmystar, todayy is my so-called-sweet-lovely-awesome friend birthdayyyy. Oh dear BFF,
Happy birthday sayang :) 
You're now not under 18 dahhh. Heh, Congrates btw. Share me your cake pleasee? If i can celebrate with you kan, it must be awesome right? But dear BFF, today is your day. You're 18 now, so good luck in everything. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. I love you. Cepat terharu baca blog i kan? 

 Even gua tak bagi lu any hadiah kan, but heyy i give you my love. isnt it enough? HAHA. How much i miss you Hazirock. Fact. I miss your ketawa, sedawa, smile, gangster and evrything lah. Hee.  

 bile lah you nak tidur rumah i lagii? Huh? 

picture kabur lah. But heyy do i care uolls.  bile boleh lepaking sama lagi and playing bowling lagi huh? And most importnt is bile dapat kalahkan budakk labuan tuh kan bayb dan budak terengganu tuh kan barcool and budak kedah tuh kan yun :)

Okaylahh, i'll update more later. see uolls in my next entry. I wanna make nestum tonight is on diet. y'know i try to gettin' slim again. Hee. Bye. Love Aisyah. Oh pink lady. Hehe. <3

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