Tuesday, January 29, 2013

# Semua gara gara twitter


Hi friends. I'm not feeling well. Y'know badan hangat hangat suam. Heyyy, just wanna talk something that just can make blow out everything.

My dear free showing diary, twitter had turn my mood down to earth. Eh, not it just going deep down inside the ground. Dalam kubuq lah gitu.

It just happend just a minutes ago. I was tweet something just to smile the world. Oh not this point. Then I search someone to follow. Mybe my old old friend. Just to keep in touch mybe. But suddenly i found my so called best friend twitter. Maybe ex best friend. Or just my secret admired. Oh maybe now nothing to me.

Hewhewhew. Averything happend i'll keep in ma mind. #konon belajar buat ice blanded togather. Pigidaaaaa. Ingat cool ah camgituuu. Taking picture segala bagai. Phewwwwwwwwwwwww phewwwwwwww. I'll take senapang gajah karang. You are just sweet talker dude. Okayyyy, foineee afta dizz onwords iolls takkan kacau uolls lagi. Hope uolls happy togather.

im to myself : will not never reply your text or anwering your call. Ignore what say you in twitter. #cry

Yaa, maybe i'll change my number to run awayyy from you dude. I know you're totaly not wrong. You sweetheart oso. But it just me, my self. I can't face it. After being friend 10 years, i think you don't know me. Mybe before this i keep on saying that i don't wanna dizz friendship end up, but yaa i bukan nak end up pun just wanna farrrr awayyy from you. To calm myself mybe.

I'll put down here a lot of picture and quote just to ekseperes my feeling. Just enjoy scrooling down. Taken from tumblr.

If you read this i'm soryy. crying inside aisyah xoxo.

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