Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hi world :)


Hi, everyone. oh gosh, i think my blog should just be close. HAHA. wait now i'm counting dah berapa month i tak update my blog. Teheee. Sorry readers. I'm a lil bit busy. Doing what? busying doin' nothin' kot. HAHA. As you guys scroll down my blog. my last post was the Hari Raya. Oh great. Hee. I was busy with my trial and spm after that so yaa you know, i dont havva a minute to update my online diaries. Haishhhhhhh. Spm had finish. on 27 November. Now, almost a month i'm no longer school student. PEACE. I'm free. 

Guys, i've a lot of story to share. But its not enough for an hour to finish type here, so i'll storyy to you oll in my next post. Hey take havva look my blog. Its nice ? HAHA. I just change the background and music also. Just to make it freshh maybe. Haa, its look comel jek. I search the background from google. :) 

When you gonna update your blog? A few of my bosan friends keep asking me when. So, i decided to update lahhh. Actually, malas tahap maximum nih. But its okay, writing blog is awesoome yeah eventho blog have turn my mood down once. HAHA. Its okayyy, from now on i'll update everyday yeahhhh InsyaAllah. (Y)

Since i dah habis spm nih, apakah yang i buat? Dear blog, i jadi bos dekat rumah. Duduk atas kerusi goyang kaki. Driving licene? My father busying working. Nak daftarkan i pun tak sempat. heh. Work ? Sorryy i dont like it, bukan apa yaa you know me *gedik. PLKN? Alhamdulillah tak dapat. Hee. So, lepaking di rumah. Yaaa adalah juga twetup and meet friends. BOSAN lahhhh life sekarang nih. Schoolsick pulak tuh. I miss all the moment as a students and also my lovely friends. Haishhhhh.

Okaylahhh blog, I'll update more next. I've to lipat kain. PEACE. Suri rumah berjaya. HAHA okay bye

crazyyyy with my sister. HAHA

XOXO Aisyahh. Okay gedik konon
 Lisa Surihani. HAHA Bye.

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