Saturday, November 19, 2011

Makaron by me and Chef Deeja :)

Hye everyone :)

Waahhhh, tajuk taknak gempak lagilah kan. Haha. Last Wednesday mybe ( tak ingat sangat ) , me and my sister had some fun  in the kitchen. Hehe. We baked a Makaron. The delicious food. Hmmm, yummy and luscious. 

We used SAJI by errr i don't know lahh as our guide. Yek lahhh first time buat nih :)
The ingredients :

90 gm of white eggs
30 gm of sugar powdered
200 gm of sugar icing
110 gm of almonds

For the cream :
198 gm of condensed milk
1 teaspoon of butter
1 teaspoons of vanilla essence
2 tablespoons of twisted cream ( krim putar lahhh tak tahu dlm english )

First, mix the icing sugar with the white eggs. Oh yaa, before that put the white eggs in the freezer a night. Mix it until it turns white.

Like this yeahhh :)


the finely blended almonds is mix with the sugar powdered. And then put the  the first mixture into it.

Yeaahhh, then put all of it into piping bag. Before that put some colours to make it more yummmmy.

Leave for 20 minutes to mix the precipitate and no air in the mixture. Then, yeaaahhh. Put it into the oven with 180 degree for 15 minutes.

Thennnn, tarrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

HANGUS ! HAHA. RESEPI ITU MENIPU ATAU KAMI YANG TAK PANDAI BUAT ? Hmmmm, but its okay, learn from mistakes. Ada masaa kita buat lagi okay Deeja? Haha. akhiryaaa semua tong sampah yang makan :) Heee

Oh yaaa, before tuh korang buatlahhh krim untukkk taruk di tengah2. Kami tak sempatt pun nak buat. Hee

Sepatutnyaaaa, its looks like this ;

Yummmmy , so delicious. Haha. You ols should try it at home and find another recipe. Haha. Selamat mencuba !

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