Wednesday, November 16, 2011

4 Cerdik in memories :)

Hello smiling people.

As I in the-called-so-awesome-school-but-actually-the school-of stress. Haha. Panjang beno nama sekolah. Yeah, as I in that school I am one of the cerdiknight. Of my so-love-class-ever. ( yeke?) Hahaha. We were just like a family there. You there are my brother and you just like my sister. Hee.

Last week, 7 November 2011. We had some fun. We had a small party class. We are getting closer and yaa just like family. Thank you 4 Cerdik couse you make my night wonderful --" We exchange present and took a lot of picture that night.. For my lovely blog, I put some here :) 

ENJOY the photo darling.

See you in my next entry. Oh yaaa, do follow my tumblr. Just click on it. Thank you. Bye.

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