Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dream Of.

Assalammualaikum, and very good evening fellow friends.

Today I would like to share something. Something yang I know every girls outside wanna it too. I guess :) Haha. 

First of all, may I ask you ols something. Ehemm, do you wanna married? Ofcourse  YES ! Tadaq siapa tak mau kawen. What goes around in my mind now is how my wedding day? You olds pernah bayangkan tak? Hmmmmm :)

But its not about the wedding day only. Apa yang terjadi selepas itu. Ahaaaa. Kadang kadang bila dipikir2 balik, perkahwinan nih sgt menakutkan. Entahlahhh, we have to take care of everything. Dan kita mempunyai tanggungjawab yang sgt besaq. Lagi lagi for girls. But I think, thats not a big problem right? Just follow the flow right?

Even I'm just SIXTEEN, its not wrong to plan my wedding kan? Haha. Yaa, one of my friend said if you wanna the perfect marriage you have to plan it from now and keep on planing. Yaa, dia maksudkan ialah dari hari kita nikahhh sampai kita tua nanti. It means like how many children we want. How do we gonna manage our time.  InsyAllah, evrything akan okay kalau la nih kitaq dah bertindaq. Tuh apa yang dia cakap laa. I'm just 50 50 lahhh kan nak trust. hehe

Tapi what ever it is, I hope I can get the perfect one to be togather. I hope what i dream will come reality. Amin.

Words today :

You can't fulfil your dreams 
if you don't wake up !


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