Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Should homework be abolished ?

Hello smile people !

Tajuk taknak gempak lagi eh? Haha. Today's entry amat dipengaruhi oleh homework saya yang masih tersusun rapi di dalam beg. Hee

Ok back to the main. It is easy to answer 'YES' to the above question. especially when one is loaded with homework up to the neck ! How ever I would not say that homework should be abolished. It is useful in many ways. I would say that homework should be given discreetly.

Every teacher ought to realise that other teachers are also giving homework. So if 9 different teachers come into the class and give us homework, then we will have 9 different set of HOMEWORK ! Bila masa kita nak buat? Kita just cuti 2 weeks bukan 2 tahun. Every subject bukan bagi ciput, tapi. I dont wanna mention here cause everyone knows !

Heh. When we just reach home, all we want to do is to flop into bed and take a nice sleep. Haha. Its normal things kan?

Our holiday is with our books around us. Heh. You wanna me show mine? Oh no thanks cause I'm sooo board to see those books and module ! Haha.

See, dkt group SAMURA Batch 29 nihh, semua cerita pasal homework. And they now fed up with thier homework. Haha. Walaupapepon, teachers, we gonna finish up our homework. Haha. Bajet laaahhh lebih kau Syahhh.

Doing homework is never pleasant affair. If the volume of homework is manageable then they can be done efficiently and quickly. In this way we do learn from our labour. If the volume is overwhelming then we do not learn anything except that we are simply fed up.

For the conclusion, I believe that we should not abolished homework completely.The best thing to do is for the teacher to seriously consider the student's welfare before any homework is given. Homework should aid the students to learn. It should not do the opposite. Like food, if taken in moderate quantities, it nourishes ; if taken in excessive amounts, it kills.

So guys, do your homework now ! Wake up, don't be lazy. AISYAH DO YOUR HOMEWORK TOO ! Hee. Till then, bye. Take my advice.

with love aisyah ♥


Lukman said...

kesian aisyah. :) hihi
kitorang ade homework kimia je kot.
XD hihi

Aisyah said...

ok good. dtg rumah aku buatkan aku homework.

Lukman said...

okay. boleh. hihi nanti dapat lepak2 dengan ABC.
rinduuuu T__T haha

Aisyah said...

set the date ok? Haha

Lukman said...

okay cun :) haha aku on jek :) kau yang busy nanti T__T hihi