Wednesday, June 9, 2010

kenapa ?

eh , ni bukan tajuk lagu boyfriend saya daus pekataan yang selalu org guna nak buat ayat tanye.kenapa ? why ?

kay let me take a quick moment to say " why must she looks perfect every secand ? "

these words can explain everything right ? jealous ? oh so call like that laah. yaa , I just take have a look at her so-call-awesome blog.and yes I'm going to say she so people always said nobody perfect.I don't believe hundred percent since I know her. For me she so perfect and perfect and always perfect. Kay just looked how she dressed. She dressed with a beautiful , nice and pretty t-shirt , jeans plus dress. I wanna be like her. I know we are not in the same level ( you know what I mean right ? ) but I do want to be like her.

Maybe not totally same as her but just like her.couse yes she has a very pretty face , model height and so on and I'm not. In addition , she can spoke english well and again I'm not.yaa , you can just read this or ask english teacher to read. There are too many mistake here right ?  Plus , she had very enjoy life. I want it. Gimme your enjoy life to me ? Please. Oh how desperate I am ? :(

I know , I'm too small to do that. I'm a tiny one and always craps :(  I don't have such a wonderfull life.Maybe I'm just 15 and she was 17. Kay , lets see how my life is like when I'm 17.I promise to you alls , 17 the number will change everything just like her.

So , start from now- wake up Aisyah , get a change. Kehidupan perlu ada perubahan ! 

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