Sunday, January 31, 2016


Assalamuaikum everybody!

                   Gosh, what happen to me? its been long fucking time i've ever came acrosss to visit my blog. Urgh miss you so much. Hug and kisses to my blog. Hehe. it was superbly akward writting on this blog. Yeah. So many things happen in life. And well as i checking on my phone today is 31st January 2016. Oh wait, thats mean i had been a month for this new year. And yeah i know its kinda late to wish but hey Happy New Fucking Year guys!

                   Errr what did just happen to me? I keep wanna say bad things. Errr. Hell yah its 2016. My resolution? nah jot it on my diary. Nope on this online diary but the one with pen to write with. Hoping for the best this year. If i can list down what  happen along the 2015, it would turn into unstable graft. Too many ups and down. Family, friends, study and life. Thats the big thing i would remember about last year. oh my god, time flies fast dude. Take a breath and chill time. But babes, 2015 teach me a lot. The age of 20 gave me lot of experience. Totally a lot! Damn wish i could jot everything here buddy! 

                 So yeah when i writting this i am in my sem breaks. Wait up, Semester three breaks! Hell yeah three semester to go! Study so far okay. Serounding with friends, classmates, housemates, new people, old people and Amir! Wait who is Amir? The person who start the name with A! hehe. Nah he just a person i known at college. But i notice him a lot and i dont even think he notice me. Had crush on him since the early start of sem 3. Wow you go on my blog thats mean you're part that i'm gonna read again and again. hehe. He just a gentleman,charming, handsome, kind hearted and i just want to know him more. But sadly, i know i would never ever have the guts to talk to him ( except during the SOMA exhibition, the time we were so close and you smile back to me. awhhhhh) Stalking you on twitter and instagram and lunch hour and at the fac would be just fine to me ( erghhhhh  i wantna talk to you and be friend with you )

           End my crush story. Oh wait. No not done, theres some others guys i crush on. For example.... Oh no not gonna list out here. Its going to be literally not a good idea. But i met friend last week and he was my best friend. And yaeh since the time i met him last week i think shitzzzz ive crush on him! errrrr bad me is so bad ass. Then theres is other person that i yaaa stalk his twitter and instagram like everyday. Myself know who they was so should not write in here too. huhu. Hm, when did the right person will come? Age of 21 was start not-so-good. ( yeah the exam thing on the new year night countdown sucks!)

Ever since i sat alone having a lil me time i did asking to my self, what did this year would ever be to myself? We will see and experience it by myself! hoping the best! Adioz Amigo!

Me in 2015 with my new phone back then. Now its not new since i bought it last year hehe. See you again in my next post. Salam sayang, Aisyah :)

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